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Assyst — ITIL certified by Pink; Help Desk and IT Service Management solution. Heavy. (by Axios, UK).
Marval Service Management — all ITIL processes, modular, wide integration (by Marval, UK).
HP OpenView — RUS.
Peregrine ServiceCenter — ServiceDesk, Inc, Problem, Change, Configuration, SLM, Maintenance.
Centauri BSM — Inv, SLA, Alarm, Report. Modular, Six Sigma used. (by Proxima, former Patrol members) WhitePapers.
SiteNetDesk — ITIL-based. HD, SLA, Inventory, Change, etc. MS SMS support. About $3.000 (UK).
Vega — SLA, HD, Inc, Ch, Prb, Config, Oper. PinkVerify. Modular, Scalable (by Touchpaper, UK).
Service Manager — Inc, HD, SLM, Probl, Ch. Modular, poor info (by VMSL, UK).
Terrasoft Service Desk – полнофункциональная система управления сервисом.
Dispatch Help Desk — Domino Notes application for internal teams. About $3.000 (by GroupApps, USA).
Web+Center — a suite of web based customer support applications. Free for 3 Techs, $1.500 for 5.
ProjecTrak — HD Domino Notes application + Asset Management Module + others. About $9.000 (by Eden, USA).
ResolveIT — HD, SLA, basic Inventory, Telephony Support (by Troika Software, USA). —
Network Management and RemoteControl
DeviceAuthority — Network Configuration and Change Management, backup&restore options.
Ideal Administration — Remote Control + MS Windows Management &amp Integration. $300/remote. (by Pointdev, France).
Remote Administrator — fast, compact, stable. Best for remote offices. $750/50 hosts. (by Famatech, RUS/US).
VNC — a remote display system. FREEWARE. Small, multiplatform. (by AT&ampT and Cambridge University).
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